What is a bail bond?

Although we are all presumed innocent until proved guilty in a court of law. If you are ever arrested you will be taken by law enforcement agents to stand before a magistrate. The magistrate will determine based on many factors, including your previous record, your ties to the ares, and the seriousness of the crime(s) you are accused of. While we are guaranteed the right to a speedy trial, these processes usually take months. Your bond is set to guarantee that you appear at all hearings and court dates. Sometimes the bond amount is more money that can be reasonably obtained.

Types of Bail

Written Promise

This is the most lenient of bond that can be set. You are released on a written promise that you will appear in court. This language is present on a traffic citation, and if why you must sign your ticket when pulled over by a law enforcement officer. You do NOT need a bail bondsman for these situations.

Unsecured Bond

This is another lenient bond that can be set. The magistrate or judge sets a bond amount, but you are not required to post the amount. If you miss a court date the full amount of the bond is due.

Secured Bond

This type of bond requires that a cash deposit or surety MUST be placed in the custody of the court to guarantee your appearance at all your court appearances. This amount is often a large sum of money. This is where a bail bondsman comes into the picture in helping you gain your freedom while you prepare your defense.

You are able to arrange for a bail bondsman to post your bail by paying a fee and entering into a contract with the bondsman. The fee for these services is usually 15% of the bond amount. This fee is not refundable even in the event that you are found to be innocent. If you had posted the bail out of pocket or you had a family member to pay the full bond, the full bond would have been returned to them, but court fees and restitution are sometimes deducted from the amount. When you hire a bondsman these fees are completely separate from the bond.

If you hire a bondsman to post your bail, and you do not show up for court, then the bondman will arrange for your detainment and deliver you to the court.